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Libby appears as Attorney Marcia Cordell in a reoccurring role on the daytime series "The Judge"

A young mom on "Two Close for Comfort" with the lovable Ted Knight and Nancy Dussault.

Libby as the rich heiress searches for the "love of her life" in "New Love American Style" with Jeff Conaway of "Grease".


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Dorothy Canfield Fisher's tale of "Aunt Minnie" adventures in the cornfield, entitled "Sex Education". Libby portrays "Aunt Minnie" at the age of 17, 30, 47, and 68.

Here Aunt Minnie at 30 tells her story.

A middle aged Aunt Minnie 47 reminisces with her niece.

Libby after 5 hours of prosthetics and stupple to age her at 68 years, as Aunt Minnie shares her story of the cornfield one last time.

Fearing only herself, Aunt Minnie's wisdom veils her warning to the young niece. Libby sings the title song to the film short, as well as producing "Sex Education" and playing Aunt Minnie at four different ages in the characters life.



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