Kitchen Man

"Kitchen Man" is the story of a frolic between a proper lady and her kitchen help. This fun filled song was made popular in the 1920's by the then well known chanteuse star Bessie Smith. Musical Director Bill Schneider of Hollywood had the genius to make it into a jazz song for Libby, while delighting us by adding his personal arranging flair to the mix. The hilarious lyrics of "Kitchen Man" allow any performer the fun to act up a storm with interpretive range. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording.

Download File: kitchen.mp3

A Very Sad Tale

"A Very Sad Tale" was Libby's first singing in-studio recording session. Roger Trefousse of New York crafted the lyrics and arrangement. Roger attempted to support the story of the film short set in the 1800's entitled "Sex Education" with his lyrics, while allowing Libby's vocal range to be revealed. In this balled of woe about a young girls venture into first love Libby does just that with mellifluous clear tones. The experience was a personal best; she finished the song in two takes.

Download File: sadtale.mp3


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