One of seven children, Rosa Magnolia, Libby’s maternal grandmother married Raymond Joseph Moore in 1919. Rosa and Raymond had seven children, four girls and three boys. Their second daughter, Margaret Mary Moore bore her third of ten children and nicknamed her Libby.

     Libby Aubrey’s ancestry can be traced back to 16th century Belgium, where her privileged genesis begins. The Vanderhoeven’s lived the majestic life of nobility when the Monarchy approved the largest land domains of the region be held by the Vanderhoven family for their loyalty to the royal family.

     In the early part of the 19th century the Vanderhoeven quest for adventure and travel triumphed as the family’s international trade when Johannes Vanderhoeven was positioned as senior auditor for the East India Trading Company headquartered in Amsterdam.  

     Johannes son, and Libby’s great-grandfather, Isadore Vanderhoeven, was sent to America for his education and matriculation at the age of 10 years. His prestigious private education spirited him to Alexandria, Louisiana where he later met and married Lillian Loden in May 1893.

     As a descendant of Sir Francis Bacon, and following her ancestral bloodlines, Libby embraced global adventure through education at the University Paris, Sorbonne and the Far East in the early 1970’s. From a struggling student on three different continents, Libby’s commitment and achievement made her dreams a reality as an accomplished artist in the ever challenging Hollywood scene, as well as an athlete of world stature. Libby's athleticism and performance artistry converge with her next challenge framing the newest look at women in America.


Voice Over Demo

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