School of Champions is a non-profit organization created to train and certify cycling coaches, trainers and instructors at all levels of USCF standards. School of Champions training will standardize the safety practices as well as the training techniques and methods used by trainers, coaches, and instructors as they--in turn--teach road and track cycling to kids. The School of Champions is the infrastructure that forms Out-of-School Cycling Programs for kids and adults. The School of Champions training will be created and supervised by Libby Aubrey, National and World Cycling Medallist.


School of Champions is an opportunity to become a dominant force in cycling competition throughout the globe including the Olympics. In a recent testing, kids participating in an after school cycling program at 27 locations throughout Los Angeles Unified School District achieved cycling scores which would make them contenders in Olympic cycling games. These performances were in spite of fundamentally poor equipment, inadequate cycling facilities, and enthusiastic but often untrained coaches. This proposal is a systematic approach to improving cycling coaching by creating a nationally accredited training and certification program for cycling coaches.

As the soccer community discovered the quickest route to vastly improved soccer programs was to improve the coaching capabilities of those who coached the kids.

Once in full stride, proper cycling coaching coupled with the raw cycling talent present in Los Angeles should lead to

  • taking care of all kids by enriching their lives with supervised activities and goals with healthy competition,
  • opportunities for success for boys and girls regardless of economic or social settings,
  • helping kids connect who might have a tendency to disconnect with the home, the community, and the school,
  • providing positive role models for other youths in their neighborhoods,
  • and finally, for some, success in bringing home Olympic medals in cycling.

We look forward to serving the community and enriching the lives of children and adults alike. For more information about School of Champions see our web site at





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