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"Ye Gods™"

Two female American professors visiting Greece crashland on Mount Olympus and have to use their wits to survive the bawdy and powerful Greek gods. In a series of rollicking adventures the women become so successful at dealing with the immortals that they invite the gods return with them to Venice, California. The total chaos they create sets off a media feeding frenzy that ensures the gods will never be forgotten again.

"Sex Education™"

An original story by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, which is based on her short narrative, "Sex Education" is set in 1920's Midwest. Three times during her life, Aunt Minnie tells a warning tale to children about the cornfields. Minnie's flashbacks examine the various consequences of her disobedient transgression in the forbidden cornfields from three different perspectives during her life. This short film offers the youthful viewer the opportunity to examine action with consequence, and the ability to discern truth from denial.


"This Bike's Got Legs™"

An after school special for the whole family. A cast of extraordinary kids from out of broken homes and the streets who love competition cycling of all types; BMX, Track, Road, Mountain, and Cyclo-cross. Not only does this after school special offer dynamic cycling education through real life stories, the show features sports celebrities as positive role models for kids nationwide. As their skills improve and grow, so do the emotional needs of these impoverished kids for solid values and the love and guidance of a supportive family. They find this rare combination at Kids Pointe Bike Camp for Children without families.

7-98 WGA Registration # 712444

"Supernatural Sports™"

Ian Infineeti and Addi Infineeti, and their daughter Wandabe and son Arnot, are missionaries from the parent company, Spaceport, on planet Metaphor where you too can have an experience of higher-being, or just be high.

While scanning the cosmos the Higher-Ups at Spaceport picked up alien transmissions from the planet Earth. They found a shocking piece of information that Earthlings worship studs! Yes, those backwoods and backwards Earthlings worship the beautiful people, the physically perfect. Their mission is to win over the misguided stud worshippers to the field of all Metaphoric possibilities.

The Infineeti's invade alien Earth and buy the biggest hottest health club, with the biggest hottest studs and studettes, in the biggest city on Earth. They buy The Los Angeles Healthy Sports Club, a place where the somewhat plastic but beautiful people congregate. People like the 40 year old, Farien Heit, who runs the club's juice bar, and Gary Upman, 50 going on 30, manager of LA Healthy Sports Club, joined by a pack of Plastic Surgeons, Dental Docs, and High Rolling comedic misfits and a bodacious bevy of Barbie look-alikes.

9-97 WGA Registration # 678572


NEW MEDIA, television & internet:

"Animal Exercise™"

A daily educational entertainment program that offers a sing-along and exercise & dance-along routines for the little ones at the "Animal Exercise" studio for Kids Only! full of magical mirrors that talk back to the animals. The "Exercise Animals" encourage the kids to join in movement and, sing songs that communicate beyond language promoting positive exercise skills and values in this entertaining format that reaches pre schoolers through eight years of age. Come join the cast of FiFi Flamingo, Jeanette the Giraffe, CoCo Cockatoo, Roughy Rabbit, Poopie Panda, Brown Barf and Wally Walrus to name a few. "Animal Exercise" characters promote educational themes with positive values, physical and mental awareness, positive social interaction, imagination and creative fun for children of all ages.

10-97 WGA Registration # 681464

"Star Train USA™"

Family entertainment. Star Train USA will take the "ultimate biomechanical" workout and cutting edge health & fitness knowledge and special deliver it into the homes of every body-conscious adolescent consumer or health conscious wannabe. Imaging positive heroes and role models for today's kids featured with a professional sports figures or glamorous stars simply by tuning into STAR TRAIN USA. It's a program that the whole family can tune into and enjoy together.

9-97 WGA Registration # 678575


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